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PROTON 2 One-drum mower

PROTON 2 One-drum mower

one-purpose self-propelled drum mower; operating width 60 cm; B&S 675 EXi Series engine; max. output 5.5 HP; 2 forward travel speeds; solid axle
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Order No.:01233.006
Max. output: 1,800 m2/hour
Max. operating width: 60 cm
Max. engine output: 5.5 HP
Travel: 2 speeds forward, solid axle
Proton 2 mower has a solid axle with V-shaped tread pattern wheels and 2 forward speeds so it is suitable for maintenance of demanding terrain. The mower is equipped with independent, intuitive travel and cutting mechanism engagement controlled by pair of bars. The control bars are designed so that on one hand the effectivity of the tensioners is as high as possible and on the other side the force for the control bars holding is as low as possible. The machine is powered by four-stroke Briggs&Stratton 675 EXi Series engine with OHV valves distribution and 5.5 HP output.
The mower is equipped with a stainless steel cover which meets the safety standards. It says that the half of the cutting disc has to be covered  by solid shield within the blades.

Max. ouput:1,800 m2/hour
Max. operatind width:60 cm
Travel speed:2 travel speeds (2.3 km/hour; 3.0 km/hour)
Tyres:big blown 400 mm wheels with V-shaped tread pattern
Disc:at choice 2 or 4 blades
Stubble height:3.5 cm in average
Engine:4-stroke Briggs&Stratton, 675 EXi Series (USA)
Fuel:gasoline Natural 95
Engine capacity:163 cc
Cylinder:cast iron sleeve
Engine working speed:3,060 rpm
Total max. engine output:5.5 HP/4.0 kW
Engine output at 3,060 rpm:3.8 HP/2.8 kW
Torque at 3,060 rpm:8.8 Nm
Engine lubrication:spray
Disc covering:stainless steel cover (in conformity with Safety Standards)
Weight:46 kg


Compatible adaptors
  • Set of 2 blades and 2 bolts for 4-blade discs
    Set of 2 blades and 2 bolts for 4-blade discs

    Tekton disc has 4 holes for 4 blades. We recommend to mow with 2 blades when you hay the grass for livestock and with 4 blades if you are going to compost it.

  • Steel pivoting slider
    Steel pivoting slider

    A steel pivoting slider with bearing prevents from cutting of the blades in the ground on uneven terrain.

  • SUNI EU Protective cover
    SUNI EU Protective cover

    cover protecting against stones flying in all directions from the mower, desing for a Tekton one-drum mower

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