RZS 69/W Mower Agzat

RZS 69/W Mower Agzat

The mowing chassis is intended for connection of engines with 120 mm centrifugal clutch. It is the self-propelled one-drum mower with operating width 69 cm and blown wheels.
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Max. operating width: 69 cm
Travel: 1 speed forward
The mowing chassis RZS 69/W is intended for connection of engines with 120 mm centrifugal clutch Agzat system. It is made for 4-stroke as well as 2-stroke engines. With the cutting width of 69 cm you can mow 1 hectare or even more. The mower has a light tube frame and the travel with a worm-gear unit in sliding carriage. The blown rubber wheels have a V-shaped tread pattern. The cutting disc is equipped with 3 double-ended knives and a plastic wheel arch. The divided shaft provides for the OP 111 turner-raker attachement.

RZS 69/W mower Agzat specifications:
Max. operating width:69 cm
Centrifugal clutch diameter:120 mm
Disc:3 blades with solid slider
1 travel speed between 2.0 and 2.7 km/hour (depending on engine type)
Additional side cover for throwing the grass to the side
Big blown wheels 420 mm with V-shaped tread pattern
Option to buy the rotary slider with ball bearing


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Compatible adaptors
  • Cutting disc with tongues
    Cutting disc with tongues

    A special design of the tongue for a disc´s longer lifetime, compatible for RZS 70, RZS 70K, RZS 69 one-drum mowers