RZS kit

Our RZS kit is the right solution for everyone, who needs time-proved and high-quality machine for soil cultivation, cleaning and mowing. Engines with the 80 mm centrifugal clutch are the base of the all modular machine. Two-stroke engines JIKOV represent time-proven and traditional driving unit. Their strong side is their very easy maintenance and high reliability. Four-stroke engines HONDA stand out in particular by their modern construction with OHC valve gear, low consumption and slope accessibility up to 25°.
If you need to mow, do not hesitate. We offer two extraordinar y modules. The first one is a well-proven disc mower RZS 69 that has found more than 19,000 satisfied customers. The second module is a modified Panter RZS chassis. It manages not only cutting the grass but also many other types of work.

- facilities for mowing, hay raking, mulching, snow removal etc.
- good choice for owner of the engine with handlebars who can only buy the necessary chassis
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