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BPR Steerable seat

BPR Steerable seat

steerable seat compatible with Panter FD3 driving units; controlled by handlebars; max. seat capacity 130 kg
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Order No.:01235.091
The BPR seat is designed for FD3 driving units only, the carrying capacity is 130 kg, it is fitted with the damper, controlled without any efforts by means of handlebar turning on the driving unit, and it can replace the transport wheel function due to the arresting pedal. This seat enables lifting the adaptor upwards during long travel, and secure it in this position without holding anything. The seat copies the transverse unevenness by means of suspension in silent blocks.

BPR steerable seat specifications:
Utilization:plains and slight slopes up to 10°
Max. seat capacity:130 kg, spring loaded
Mode of turning:steerable rear axle, turning by means of handlebars
Facilities:practical basket for 10 litres canister, adjustable seat position
Compatible driving units:FD3eco, FD3-500