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About us.

DAKR is a Czech family-owned engineering company that was founded in 1990 after the fall of the communist regime. In the beginning there was an idea to produce drum mowers for people, the family house of one of the partners, the excitement of the possibility of free enterprise and empty pockets without money. The production took place in incredibly modest conditions.

Today we have over 100 employees, with owners who are slowly but surely approaching retirement age, relatives a generation younger who are increasingly the main engine of the company. And it's not just relatives. We have a number of great people among our employees.

We don't use contrived discounts to boost sales, where something is significantly overpriced and then a big discount is given. We don't want to upset customers by having a bargain purchase at a big discount only to find that the shop around the corner would have had a better machine at a lower price without the discount. We want our customers' children to come back to DAKR to shop because Daddy or Grandpa was happy with DAKR.  We don't even do any promotions. All of our machines are consistently on sale all year long and we give all of our customers the best price we can. Not everyone understands and appreciates this and simply won't buy without a discount or promotion, yet the demand for our products consistently exceeds our production capacity.

We invest the money we make in developing new products and buying modern production machinery.  We have acquired a number of high-end robotic and automatic CNC machines and we continue to modernize. These highly productive modern technologies allow us to keep our production costs low and thus compete successfully with products from, for example, China. Therefore, we actually manufacture everything we can ourselves and only buy special parts such as motors from the USA and some gearboxes from Japan. But even in what we cannot produce yet, we prefer European companies.
Implementing new ideas, coming up with something completely different, that's what we enjoy. We don't mean business tricks and gimmicks, but machines for customers that can do something new.  And so we can boast that we were the first in Europe to enter the garden equipment market with hand-guided drum mowers, disc mowers and salt spreaders with a special spreading mechanism. We also have a number of other unique design solutions that are protected by Czech or European copyright.

We will be glad if you choose our products. We and our dealers will do our best to serve you for a long and reliable time, to ensure that you have everything you need and that our machines last for many years... So that you are our main advertisement when you praise our machine in front of your neighbour. Most of our machines are sold in the Czech Republic, but important for us are also exports mainly to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, France, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and other European countries.