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BPR2 Steerable seat

BPR2 Steerable seat

steerable seat compatible with Panter FD2 and FD2H driving units, controlled by pair of feet pedals; max. seat capacity 110 kg
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Order No.:01235.092
The connecting seats for the mowers for high grass are designed for work on large, flat and mildly sloping land. People are often not aware that mowing 1 hectare of meadow means walking at least 20 kilometres with smaller machines with real operating width 50 cm. BPR2 will simplify work when it is required to frequently change the direction of travel, reverse, etc. The BPR2 seat utilizes the original and industrial model protected system of the rear axle turning. We have developed the solution to enable our customers to use the modular system PANTER to compete with smaller 4-wheel small tractors. After connecting the controlled seat to the driving unit, the machine turns to 4 wheel helper with the rear controlled axle.

BPR steerable seat specifications:
Utilization:plains and slight slopes up to 5°
Max. seat capacity:110 kg
Mode of turning:steerable rear axle, turning by means of 2 pedals
Facilities:practical basket for 10 litres canister, adjustable seat position
Compatible driving units:FD2, FD2H