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M70 Mulcher

M70 Mulcher

adaptor compatible with Panter FD2 and FD2H driving units; operating width 71 cm
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Order No.:01235.052
Max. operating width: 68 cm
The mulcher serves for mowing of areas which are not maintained regularly and chopped grass is left on the ground. The advantage of the mulcher when is used for regular maintained areas is that it is one of the compatible adaptors for Panter driving unit. You can attached a mower instead so the land is not depreciated because the mulching and mowing take turns.

M70 mulcher specifications:
Options:seat for flat grounds and slight slopes
Max. output with Panter FD2:2,992 m2/hour
Max. operating width:71 cm
Stubble height:centrally adjustable 4-9 cm
Weight:32 kg
Recommended maintained area:unlimited
Compatible driving units:FD2, FD2H


Compatible adaptors
  • Panter FD2H
    Panter FD2H

    modular Panter driving unit; max. output 6.5 HP; single slide control of speed forward and bacward; iron cylinder sleeve; oil pump and filter; axle with lockable differential

  • Panter FD2
    Panter FD2

    modular Panter driving unit; max. output 6.5 HP, 3 travel speeds forward

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