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Panter FD2 driving unit with SF70 snow blower

Panter FD2 driving unit with SF70 snow blower

modular self-propelled snow blower; 69 cm operating width; B&S engine with 6.5 HP maximum output; 3 speeds forwards
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Order No.:01235.071 + 01235.011
Max. output: 825 m2/hour
Max. operating width: 69 cm
Engine: Briggs&Stratton 6.5 HP
Engine capacity: 190 cc
Travel: yes, 3 speeds forward
The snow blower in connection with the Panter FD2 driving unit equipped with B&S 850 I/C engine is appropripate machine for removal of fresh powder snow. The machine serves for every day cleaning of pavements, garage´s entrance or for works on flat surface. It is two-level snow blower with slowly going worm and fast going blade in one axis. The possibility to set 2 different revolutions of the blade´s speed makes our snow blower unique. When you need to clean fresh powder snow set the faster revolutions (1,850 RPM) to the snow blows as far as possible. While you set the slower revolutions (1,285 RPM) you can remove the heavy wet snow more effectively. Thanks to rotating chimney it is possible to influence the thrown snow direction (forward, aside). You can attach a range of the adaptors compatible for Panter FD2 driving unit such as a mower, a mulcher, a cart, a rotavator, a salt spreader etc. It takes 5 minutes to change the adaptor. The machine has 3 speeds forward, the handlebars are height and horizontally adjustable. For the winter maintenance there are also the snow chains (order No. 10100.081) available.

Panter FD2 with SF70 snow blower specifications:
Max. output:825 m2/hour
Max. operating width:69 cm
Engine:4-stroke Briggs&Stratton I/C, 850 Series OHV / capacity 190 cc, output 6.5 HP
Gearbox / Axletree:worm gear unit, Czech made with hardened ground worm and bronz worm wheel / solid axle, wheels outer profile at choice, 65 and 68 cm
Travel:3 speeds forward (2.1 3.0 4.4 km/hour)
Recommended maintained area:1,000 m2
Engine vibration attenuation:4 silent blocks
Engine starting:manual, Ready Start system (easy starting without choke)
Fuel:gasoline Natural 95
Weight:88 kg
Blade speed:at choice 1,285/1,850 rpm
Feed worm speed:516 rpm
Handlebars:height and side adjustable
Wheels:big blown wheels 4.80/4.00-8" (diameter 420 mm) with V-shaped tread pattern