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Set of 2 blades and 2 bolts for 4-blade discs

Set of 2 blades and 2 bolts for 4-blade discs

Tekton disc has 4 holes for 4 blades. We recommend to mow with 2 blades when you hay the grass for livestock and with 4 blades if you are going to compost it.
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Order No.:2 x 51200.074 + 2 x 01200.010
We found out during our testing that the disc with 4 blades will cut the grass in its length for several times and the juices containing the valuable nutrients and enzymes will run out. Thats why we standardly fix 2 blades 90 mm long where 40 mm is over the disc´s edge. The speed of the disc corresponds with the machine´s travel speed which means that 2 blades are enough to cut the grass only once and trow it away. The blades edge is utilized in the whole length which overlaps the disc. The more blades on the cutting disc the shorter worn part of the blade´s edge while the disc´s speed is constant. It means that 4 (or even more) blades are worn in the same time as 2 blades but the grass is cut in its length more than once.
The advantage of our cutting disc is that you can fix 2 or 4 blades depending on you want to hay or copmost the grass.