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Triton adaptor MTR Mulcher

Triton adaptor MTR Mulcher

stainless steel mulcher; operating width 55 cm; compatibility with Triton kit
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Order No.:01233.284
Max. operating width: 55 cm
If you own a machine from the Triton range, it can be easily rebuilt into a mulcher. Removing the attached adaptor and fitting the MTR mulcher takes a maximum of 15 minutes. This single horizontal blade mulcher has a working width of 55 cm, adjustable mulching height and a stainless steel body. The freshly chopped grass partially seals the surface in the first phase after mowing and reducing the growth of more grass. After a few days, however, this material is transformed into humus which adds nutrients to the soil and is a source of many organic substances. If the mulching is more difficult or impossible the adaptor can be replaced by a mower disc and the problem is solved.