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Triton adaptor STR2 One-drum mower adaptor

Triton adaptor STR2 One-drum mower adaptor

drum mower with double disc compatible for Triton kit
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Order No.:01233.281
Max. operating width: 60 cm
If you own a machine from the Triton range, it can be easily rebuilt into a drum mower. Removing the attached adaptor and fitting the STR2 double disc takes a maximum of 15 minutes. If you are purchasing a mowing adaptor as an accessory to your machine, it is also necessary to purchase a protection cover if you do not already own one (the covers for the STR1 and STR2 discs are identical). The stainless steel mowing guard complies with the latest safety standards, according to which half of the mower deck must be protected by a solid cover underneath up to the level of the mower blades.
Each spare part for this cutting device (blades, bolts, upper or bottom disc, spinner etc.) are available separately.

Max. operating width:60 cm
Cutting mechanism:4 pivoting blades
Stubble height:4 cm in average
Driving mechanism:special disc´s shape, full sur face covered double disc
Weight:14 kg