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RZS 121 Two-drum mower adaptor

RZS 121 Two-drum mower adaptor

adaptor compatible for Panter FD3 and FD5 driving units; operating width 121 cm
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Order No.:01236.010
Max. operating width: 121 cm
In connection with the Panter drivng unit it gives the most powerful combination for mowing of large plots such as meadows and pastures. The RZS121 mows both low and tall grass. The mowing drums have steel all-over wheel sliders. Each drum has two robust rotating blades which are specially hardened to be hard enough but not fragile at the same time. The cutting drums are pressed in at the point of attachment of the blades to increase the strength of the drums. Each cutting drum shaft is mounted in two places in robust bearings. The mowing drums are driven by chains and a gearbox. The rotation is transmitted from the gearbox to the motor by a V-belt manufactured by the German company Optibelt especially for the DAKR RZS121 machine. Compared to conventional V-belts it transmits significantly higher loads without length changes caused by heating. The V-belt between the engine and the gearbox reduces the possibility of damage especially of the engine´s crankshaft and some other expensive parts of the machine when the mower strikes solid obstacles such as stones, concrete curbs or steel pipes. Thanks to the chains drive of the cutting drums, the blades overlap and do not meet so they can be at the same height. Therefore the grass is cut evenly without the so-called "cocks” caused by mowers that have drums at different heights.

RZS121 two-drum mower specifications:
Max. output with FD3:9,680 m2/hour
Max. operating width:121 cm
Cutting mechanism:two-drums with rotary housing with ball bearing
Stubble height:3.5 cm in average
Weight:65 kg
Options:seat for flat grounds and slight slopes
Recommended maintained area:unlimited
Compatible driving units:FD3eco, FD3-500, FD5


Compatible adaptors
  • Panter FD5
    Panter FD5

    four-wheel Panter FD5 machine; max. engine output 15.5 HP; iron cylinder sleeve; hydrostatic gearbox; forward and backward control of speed; axle with differential and locking; electric start; adaptor´s lifting from operator´s position; wide range of optional extras

  • Panter FD3-500
    Panter FD3-500

    modular Panter driving unit; max. output 15.5 HP; single slide control of speed forward and bacward; iron cylinder sleeve; oil pump and filter; axle with lockable differential

  • Panter FD3eco
    Panter FD3eco

    modular Panter driving unit; max. output 13.2 HP; single slide control of speed forward and bacward; iron cylinder sleeve; oil pump and filter; axle with lockable differential

  • TK121 Transport wheel
    TK121 Transport wheel

    guide wheel for crossing longer distance to get to the place of mowing