Tekton One-drum mower

Tekton One-drum mower

Self-propelled modular drum mower, operating width 60 cm, B&S engine, max. output 5.5 HP, 2 forward speeds
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Max. output: 1,800 m2/hour
Max. operating width: 60 cm
Max. engine output: 5.5 HP
Travel: 2 speeds forward

Tekton mowers are used for mowing of meadows and gardens at the cottages and family houses and even at the places where it is necessary to mow the grass every day for farm animals. They are suitable for flat lands and slightly sloping grounds. Thanks to their low weight and easy contol they are suitable for mowing of lands where there is lot of trees, kerbs, garden beds etc. The main advantage of Tekton machines is their original construction in connection with low weight and high hourly performance. The new from 2012 is a cover above mowing disc (protecting the operator from flying stones and impurities) and higher travel efficiency. Tekton kit is a machine that can be variable used as a mower, a mulcher or a snow blade. All Tekton machines have the same construction. They differ from each other only in the engine´s type.

Tekton one-drum mower specifications:

Max. output:1,800 m2/hour
Max. operating width:60 cm
2 speeds (2.3 km/hour; 3.0 km/hour)
Big blown wheels 400 mm with V-shaped tread pattern
Disc:at choice 2 or 4 blades
Stubble height:3.5 cm in average
Engine:4-stroke Briggs&Stratton, 650 Series SV
Fuel:gasoline Natural 95
Engine capacity:190 cc
Engine working speed:3,060 rpm
Total max. engine output:5.5 HP/4.0 kW
Engine output at 3,060 rpm:3.8 HP/2.8 kW
Torque at 3,060 rpm:8.8 Nm
Engine lubrication:spray
Ready Start System - easy starting without choke
Weight:47 kg
Recommended maintained area:up to 10.000 m2


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