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Panter FD2 L224 driving unit with ROT rotavator

Panter FD2 L224 driving unit with ROT rotavator

modular self-propelled rotavator; solid axle; 3 forward speeds; Loncin engine; max. output 7.3 HP; operating width 80 cm
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Order No.:01235.111 + 01235.130
Engine: Loncin 7.3 HP
Travel: yes, 3 speeds forward
Panter FD2 is a favourite driving unit among the customers. There is a wide range of working adaptors. You can find them at the very bottom of this page as "Compatible adaptors".

Travel:yes, 3 speeds forward
Speeds:2.1   3.0   4.4 km/hour
Gearbox:worm gear unit, Czech made with hardened ground worm and bronz worm wheel
Engine vibration attenuation:4 silent blocks
Handlebars:height and side adjustable
Tyres:big blown wheels 420 mm with V-shaped tread patternB
Wheels outer profile:at choice, 65 and 68 cm
Weight:104 kg
Engine:4-stroke Loncin OHV (LC1P75F)
Fuel:gasoline Natural 95
Engine capacity:224 cc
Cylinder:cast iron sleeve
Engine working speed:3,060 rpm
Total max. engine output:7.3 HP/5.5 kW
Engine output at 3,060 rpm:HP/kW
Torque at 3,060 rpm:14 Nm
Engine lubricaton:spray lubrication
Engine starting:easy starting with automatic choke


Compatible adaptors