Panter FD2H driving unit with SB110 cylindrical sweeping brush

Panter FD2H driving unit with SB110 cylindrical sweeping brush

modular self-propelled sweeping brush Panter; operating width 110 cm; max. output 6.5 HP, single slide control of speed forward and bacward, iron cylinder sleeve, oil pump and filter, axle with lockable differential
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Kód produktu:01235.019 + 01235.145

This machine helps to clean up polluted areas on the roads, cycle paths, car parks or sidewalks from dirt, leaves or soil. In the winter, it is used to remove snow and does not disappoint even when cleaning the areas of agricultural farmhouses, manure, etc.

The guide axle of the brush, on which the quality of the work performed depends, is equipped with not one but two height-adjustable wheels which better copy the unevenness of the surface. The brush has a diameter of 40 cm which ensures better throwing and copes with higher layers of snow.

Our machines are characterized by a variety of usability. You can connect 20 different work attachments to one driving unit. There is a big range of compatible adaptors such as a snow blower, sweeping brush, grass mower, mulcher; different types of trailers, salt spreader, branch shredder, rotavator, etc.

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