Panter FD-2 and RZS 70K One-drum mower

Panter FD-2 and RZS 70K One-drum mower

A modular self-propelled drum mower, operating width 69 cm, B&S engine, max. output 6.5 HP, 3 forward speeds
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Kód produktu:01235.001
Max. output: 3,036 m2/hour
Max. operating width: 69 cm
Max. engine output: 6.5 HP
Travel: 3 speeds forward
Panter mower the basic set is suitable for the hardest hilly terrains. On the flat grounds and in slight slopes it has sufficient power and solidity to the operator can comfortably sit on the connected seat. To the Panter FD-2 driving unit it is possible to connect the seat and the range of adaptors such as mulcher, haymaker, snow blower, cart, sweeping brush, blade, rotavator, branch crusher.

RZS 70K mower specifications:
Max. output with Panter FD-2:3,036 m2/hour
Max. operating width:69 cm
Disc:3 blades with pivoting fender apron with ball bearing
Stubble height:3.5 cm in average
Weight:20 kg
Options:seat for flat grounds and slight slopes
Recommended maintained area:unlimited

Panter FD-2 driving unit specifications:
Travel:yes, 3 speeds forward
Speeds:2.1   3.0   4.4 km/hour
Gearbox:worm gear unit, Czech made with hardened ground worm and bronz worm wheel
Engine vibration attenuation:4 silent blocks
Handlebars:height and side adjustable
Big blown wheels 420 mm with V-shaped tread pattern
Wheels outer profile:at choice, 65 and 68 cm
Weight:54 kg
Engine:4-stroke Briggs&Stratton I/C, 850 Series OHV
Fuel:gasoline Natural 95
Engine capacity:190 cc
Cylinder:cast iron sleeve
Engine working speed:3,060 rpm
Total max. engine output:6.5 HP/4.8 kW
Engine output at 3,060 rpm:5.0 HP/3.7 kW
Torque at 3,060 rpm:11.5 Nm
Engine lubricaton:oil pump + oil filter
Ready Start System - easy starting without choke


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