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Panter FD2 L224 driving unit with RAP85 blade

Panter FD2 L224 driving unit with RAP85 blade

modular self-propelled blade; solid axle; 3 forward speeds; Loncin engine; operating width 85 cm
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Order No.:01235.111 + 01235.040
Engine: Loncin 7.3 HP
Travel: yes, 3 speeds forward
You can set one of the 5 positions of the side rotation while working with the RAP85 snow blade. The drive unit equipped with a back speed can be easily used for cleaning by the walls, ramps etc.
Our machines are characterized by a variety of usability. You can connect 15-20 different work attachments to one driving unit. There is a big range of compatible adaptors such as a snow blower, sweeping brush, grass mower, mulcher; different types of trailers, salt spreader, branch shredder, rotavator, etc.

Compatible adaptors
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