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Panter FD52V driving unit with M91 Mulcher

Panter FD52V driving unit with M91 Mulcher

stronger and bigger four-wheel Panter FD52V machine with M91 mulcher and wide range of optional extras
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Order No.:FD52V + M91
Max. operating width: 91 cm
Engine: Briggs&Stratton 22.0 HP
Travel: yes, 0-14 km/h forward and backward
The combination of our most powerful all-terrain tractor and a lightweight M91 front-mounted mulcher is just right for use in places with rough terrain, on hills, in gardens where you cut grass below bush level, etc.

The Panter FD52V is approved for use on public roads in Czech republic. It has a Briggs&Stratton EXi 7220 twin cylinder engine with maximum output 22 HP and 42 Nm of torque. It is equipped with a TuffTorq K72 hydrostatic transmission with 549 Nm of torque and a rated pulling force of 2,000 Nm.

Compared to the FD5, the Panter FD52V has:
- two-cylinder engine
- pressure lubrication
- oil filter
- 45% more engine power
- EFM (electronic choke)
- 75% more tractive power of hydrostatic travel
- 40% higher maximum travel speed
- 25mm higher chassis
- brakes also on the front axle
- car-like lights, including a socket for a trolley, beacon and other approved features to allow operation on public roads

The Panter FD52V is a good choice in case you need a powerful machine which mows as well as ploughs. You can sit on the machine during operation which makes it much comfortable in compare with walk behind machines. The Panter FD52V is powered by 4-stroke Briggs&Stratton EXi 7220 engine with 22.0 HP output. There is a hydrostatic gearbox which enables single slide control of speed within 0-14 km/hour forward as well backward.
Thanks to its compact size, high stability and minimal demands on maintenance is the Panter FD52V designated for wide range of users. Its easy controllability will be appreciate during use in the gardens and vineyard, for maintenance of green lands or in municipal sector. The Panter FD52V is compatible for plough, harrows, lifting ploughshare, trailer as well as the adaptors which we manufacture for our Panter kit such as two-drum mower, four-disc mower, belt haymaker, flail mower, sweeping brush etc. The advantage of this machine is the possibility to connect our Panter adaptors as well as the tools for the one-axle tractor (adjustment body, plough, blade, harrows, aerator).
Optional functions:drum and disc mowing
hay turning and raking, aerating
flail and blade mulching
snow blowing, removing, sweeping
soil ploughing, harrowing, loosening, aerating and potato lifting
load transporting, salt and artificial fertilizer spreading
Engine:Briggs&Stratton EXi 7220 OHV, air-cooled two-cylinder
Cylinder:cast iron sleeve, capacity 656 cc
Engine start:electro-starter
Gearbox:hydrostatic TuffTorq K72 with a single slide control of speed
0÷14 km/hour forward and backward
reinforced half-axle with diameter 25.4 mm
Gearbox cooling:own system with an additional cooler protected by utility design, oil temperature indicator placed on the console
Axletree:rear axle driven by a differential, locking and brake
Tyres:rear - 5.00x12
front - 4.00x10
Seat:comfortable industrial seat with an adjustable suspension
in 3 levels, longitudinal setting and option of backrest inclination setting
Tank and fuel:tank capacity 8 litres, fuel Natural 95 petrol
Machine weight:385 kg
Slope inclination:safety slope inclination is 10° guaranteed by the Government testing laboratory
the engine works during permanent 20° slope inclination
Equipment included in the price:Panter FD52V driving unit     order No. 01237.005
M91 mulcher adaptor           order No. 01236.026
towing hitch for a trailer connection
front carrier for Panter adaptors connection     order No. 01237.010
carriers control     order No. 01237.020
electronic safety device
parking brake
12V plug
Optional equipment
not included in the price:
rear carrier for connection of rear tools such as adjustment body, ploughshares, harrow etc.
extra weight for wheels 2x13 kg
extra weight for rear hitch


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