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Panter FD3eco driving unit with SB110 cylinder sweeping brush

Panter FD3eco driving unit with SB110 cylinder sweeping brush

modular self-propelled cylinder sweeping brush with hydrostatic gearbox and single slide control of speed forward and backward; B&S engine 13.2 HP output; operating width 110 cm
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Order No.:01236.021 + 01235.145
Max. output: 11,000 m2/hour
Max. operating width: 110 cm
Engine: Briggs&Stratton 13.2 HP
Travel: yes, single slide control of speed forward and backward
The SB110 sweeping brush in connection with Panter FD3eco driving unit is really powerfull machine designed for proffesional use. A helper which cleans an area such as purpose roads, cyclepaths, parking lots or pavements from dirt, leaves or soil. You can use it also at the farms for manure cleaning or during a winter for snow removal.

There are 2 leading wheels which the quality of the sweeping depends on. The wheels are height adjustable and copy the terrain´s unevenness. The brush with 40 cm diameter copes also with higher snow cover very well.

It is always necessary to make familiar with the machine control. You will easily become accustomed to single slide control of Tuff Torq gearbox with differential and its locking. The machine control is simple. While the locking is engaged the both wheels runs together and the machine keeps the straight direction even on slippery surface. The forward speed is adjustable between 0-8 km/hour and 0-4 km/hour for the backward speed. You will utilize the full speed especially when the BPR steerable seat is attached.
Please see the list of all compatible accessories in compatible adaptors section.
The main advantage of this machine is its multipurpose design so you can attach a mower, a mulcher, a haymaker and lot of other adaptors.

Panter FD3eco with SB110 sweeping brush specifications :
Max. output:11,000 m2/hour
Max. operating width:110 cm
Engine:4-stroke Briggs&Stratton I/C, Powerbuilt OHV / capacity 344 cc, output 13.2 HP
Gearbox / Axletree:hydrostatic gearbox Tuff Torq K46 + loackable differential
Travel:single slide control of speed forward (0÷8 km/hour) and (0÷4 km/hour)
Recommended maintained area:unlimited
Engine vibration attenuation:4 silent blocks
Engine starting:manual starter
Fuel:gasoline Natural 95
Weight:178 kg
Brush speed:at choice 78/160 rpm
Brush diameter:40 cm
Handlebars:height and side adjustable
Wheels:big blown V-shaped pattern wheels 19x8" (diameter 480 mm), outer profile 760 mm
Other equipment:driving brake


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