Panter kit

Panter is a machine that incorporates all our expertise acquired up to this moment.
It is a fully professional kit intended for small growers as well as professional gardeners requiring the most modern machines. Thanks to our efforts, you can attach a whole set of adaptors to one driving unit. This attribute makes the Panter a machine to be used throughout the year. You can cut the grass, mulch, rake and ted the hay, throw aside cohesionless material, remove the snow, transport loads, shred branches, loosen the soil or sweep. Panter is simply a tireless machine intended for everyday use. The modular kit consists of the driving unit and the working adaptor. The parts enable to assemble many unique machines.
The driving unit is the mechanical heart of the machine. There are 5 available models. The basic model PANTER FD-2 includes manual gearbox and solid axle. The Panter FD-2H and FD-3 (both with reverse) provide more comfort in the form of gradual speed regulation forward and backwards, and the axles with differential and shutter. All driving units Panter include the use of professional engine with cast iron cylinder.

-   universal machine for professional use
-   easy change of adaptors
-   much lower price than purchase, storage and maintenance of several single-purpose machines
-   continuous development of new adaptors compatible with older driving units
-   option to sit on a seat while cutting
-   simple operation and maintenance
-   high quality professional engines
-   significant reduction of vibration due to the structural design of frame and silent block mounting of the engine
-   wide wheel gauge and low position of the mass center for works on slopes
-   height and side adjustable handlebars